Five thematic Axes

Expected contributions should be from a broad and interdisciplinary perspective: marketing, communication, management, information science, psychology, sociology, economy, public health, etc. Expected papers should be related to one or more of the following thematic axis (the various thematic discussed herewith are indicative and non-exhaustive):

Axe 1: Social marketing in the field of public health, prevention and fight against addictive and deviant behavior ( "santéisme"-“ Healthism”, noncompliance), innovative and strategic tools of the actors of social marketing (critical social marketing, advertising, lobbying , education, health promotion, public relations, community involvement, price and taxation policies, etc.).

Axe 2: Digitalization of the health sector: Interdisciplinary topic by essence, digitalization in the heath sectors is a fast growing trend that occurs however in disparate ways. Regarding this particular topic, the pharmaceutical industry may be ahead of the game: to manage relationship with the doctor (e-detailing), health equipment industries such as General Electric have connected their scanners and MRIs to a “HealthCloud”; Surgeons perform surgery at a distance; hospitals are now using social media with 94% of them in 2014 being active on Facebook… in the USA; Patients consult the Hospitalidee webpage to collect information posted by other patients on the health structures or they exchange and share opinions on Patientsworld; mobile applications enables to improve and reinforce therapeutic education; social marketing run big data analysis to help organize and implement programs, it also enables the creation of relevant applications dedicated to cessation support (e.g., the app “Tabac-Info-Service” provides assistance to quit smoking); connected bracelets help detect depressive episodes. Although scattered, mobile applications are in fact flourishing in the healthcare sector. Thus it is legitimate to wonder about the stakes specific to their development within this sector?

Axe 3: to question the needs for a functional and strategic marketing approach for the health institutions - hospitals and other healthcare institutions - (e.g. ownership of the marketing process, market orientation, customer focus, internal-external interactive marketing, competition, cooperation and “coopetition”, T2A and marketing strategy, quality and satisfaction,…etc.).

Axe 4: The challenges of marketing in pharmaceutical industry, health products and biomedical equipment, equipment industries, service companies, health-nutrition-beauty industry, etc. Evolutions, revolution and prospects (eg from inactive patient towards prescriber patient, drug parallel markets, pharmaceutical industry in healthcare system, major transitions underway; from chemical to genetics treatment, mass treatment to individualized treatment, chronic versus acute, curative versus preventive, 4P's medicine, from sick care (treatment of diseases) to health care (treatment of health ), from push to pull, from the originator to the generic, rep's visit to e-detailing, from prescription to self-medication, from local to global, B to B to D to C communication , new stakeholders and new actors, etc.).

Axe 5: Other cross-sectional issues in the health sector (eg health variable price, databases and health sector, e-health, mobile health, "disease management" and therapeutic education, redraw the links between the different actors of the sector health, mutual insurance platforms as regulators, ... etc.).

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