Desired contributions are part of broader disciplinary framework and approach without limitation, marketing, communication, information science, psychology, sociology, public health..... Expected papers may be registered around four directions, nonexclusive below:
Axis 1: Transversal cross-cutting issues in health sector - (e.g. variable rates in health, databases and health sector, decisions and tradeoffs in health, disease management and patient education, conflicts of interest, redefine the theoretical framework and content of promotional health etc...).
Axis 2: Challenges of marketing of the pharmaceutical industry, health products and biomedical equipment, industrial equipment, business services, health sector, health-nutrition - beauty products.... Evolutions, revolutions and perspectives (e.g. the passive patient to prescriber patient, parallel markets of drug, the major transitions during – from the chemical to genetics, from mass treatment to individualized treatment,  from the acute to chronic, from curative to the preventive, from push to pull, from patents to generics, from prescription to auto-medication, from local to global, from communication BtoB through DtoC, new players, etc...). The marketing of orphan drugs, medical devices, biologics, bio-similar and bio-better, crisis of marketing, emerging markets: mirage or el dorado...? Financing of innovation in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology...etc...
Axis 3: The challenges of marketing of healthcare departments and medico-social at both strategic and operational (e.g. ownership and applications of marketing approach, market orientation, segmentation-differentiation, external-internal, downward vs. interactive, quality marketing vs. satisfaction, competition marketing vs. cooperation-coopetition, T2A and strategy marketing, certification and efficiency etc...).
Axis 4: The challenges of social marketing and public health, prevention and fight against deviant behavior on material of health santéisme?? vs. non observance and compliance vs. acceptance (e.g. procedures and codes of communication, therapeutic education, new modes of communication, patient-teachers etc...), and innovative tools and strategic players of the social marketing (fund raising, advertising, lobbying, education, health promotion, public relations, community engagement, pricing and taxation etc...).
*The various thematic discussed herewith are indicative and non exhaustive.

Two forms of communications are expected:
  • Academic contributions questioning mobilizable theories on the subject,
  • Pragmatic contributions posing problem of land relating field implementations of methods of innovative procedures, which will highlight a relevant development of practices and  organizations in the direction of implementation of strategies and marketing policies.

Two methods of presentation will be shared:
  • Communications as a scientific paper and presentation in plenary sessions or workshops (15 minutes of presentation, 10 minutes of questions).
  • Communications as a dozen slides of power point for round tables (10 minutes of presentation, 20 minutes of debate).

Two forms of publications are planned: Papers accepted and presented (in French or English) will be published in the form of actions on the site for days. The best papers selected by the members of Scientific Committee will be published in a collective work.

All correspondence relating to the process of submitting proposals of contribution must be in electronic format (or nom_prénom.doc or .ppt) at the following address:

Items will be presented as follows:
  1. The first coverpage includes the title of the article, the author's name, his function, full contact details (personal and professional address, phone, fax, e-mail), thanks and any declaration of interest of authors.
  2. The second page of features, in French and in English, the title, a summary of the articles in more than 100 words and maximum 5 keywords.
  3. The actual text begins on page 3.
  4. The document (text, tables, figures, schedules and bibliographic references included in the text) should not exceed 25 pages, in Times New Roman 12, spacing 1.5, margins 2.5 cm.
  5. Footnotes are in TimesNew Roman 10.5. Titles (3 levels) will respect the following format: PART 1: BOLD, SMALL CAPS, WITHOUT WITHDRAWAL; Title 2: bold, italic, without withdrawal; Title 3: italics, with withdrawal of 1cm.
  6. Tables and figures are included in the text, numbered and presented each with a title.
  7. Following the article, appear in succession: bibliographic references, presented in Times New Roman 12, spacing 1.5, the standards of the Journal Research and Applications in Marketing, any annexes (methodological or otherwise) designated by A1, A2, A3 etc.
PowerPoint presentations will have a free format. The first page should contain the title, the name of the author and his/her institution, and contact details; the last page is devoted to the bibliography if necessary.

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