Expected contributions should be from a broad and interdisciplinary perspective: marketing, communication, management, information science, psychology, sociology, economy, public health, etc. Expected papers should be related to one or more of the following thematic axis (the various thematic discussed herewith are indicative and non–exhaustive):

Axis 1: to question the needs for a functional and strategic marketing approach for the health institutions – hospitals and other healthcare institutions – (e.g. ownership of the marketing process, market orientation, internal–external interactive marketing, competition, cooperation and “coopetition”, T2A and marketing strategy, etc.).

Axis 2: Social marketing and public health, deviant behaviour prevention within the health context (e.g.: new modes, modalities and codes in the communication process, advocacy, therapeutic education, from communication on disease towards communication on health, etc).

Axis 3: Transversal issues in the health sector (e.g. pricing in health services, database and health industry, choices and arbitration in health, “disease management”, therapeutic education, etc.).

Axis 4: Pharmaceutical industry, health products and biomedical material marketing, health equipment′s industry and services, the industry of health–nutrition–beauty, etc. Evolution, revolution and perspectives (e.g. from the passive patient to the prescriptive patient, alternative markets for drugs, major conceptual shift presently occurring– from chemistry to genetic, from mass treatment to individualized curing, from acute to chronic, from curing to preventing, from push to pull, from patents to generics, from prescription to auto medication, global versus local, communication toward D2C, new stakeholders, etc.).

Two forms of communications are expected:
  1. Standard academic papers (see instructions below) (15 minutes for presentation, 10 minutes for questions)
  2. PowerPoint presentations for professionals from the NGOs, public health institutes and health organisations (10 minutes for presentation, 20 minutes for debate).

The accepted and presented papers (in French or in English) will be published as proceedings on the website of the conference. Best papers selected by the members of the scientific committee will be published in the Journal of Health Care Management and Economics –Journal de Gestion et d′Economie Medicale– (FNEGE 2013, AERES and CNRS) in 2015 .

The Journal of Health Care Management and Economics is an applied research periodical dedicated to the following topics: economics of healthcare, healthcare policy, management of health systems, and medical and economic evaluation. The Journal is issued eight times a year. Editorials, Original Articles, Methodological Articles, Brief Reports, and Letters to the Editor in English and French are equally welcome.

Papers are also welcome in:

All correspondence related to the call for papers process should be made electronically (last name_first name.doc or .ppt) to the following address:


1/ Academic papers in French or in English will follow the instructions for authors of the Journal of Health Care Management and Economics –Journal de Gestion et d′Economie Médicale–:
  1. Authors should prepare the manuscript with the following sections in mind: Title, Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, References. A special attention should be given to the methodology and to the statistical analysis: these parts are systematically submitted to a vigorous examination.

  2. Articles should not exceed 12 double–space typed pages and 30 references.

  3. The title page should include the title of the article (no more than 50 characters) in French and English, the name(s) of the author(s), his or their affiliation(s), and the name and complete address of the author responsible for correspondence.

  4. The second page should include the abstract and the key–words. The abstract, when required, should not exceed 250 words. It should be written in French and English and indicate clearly the objective of the study, the methods, the main results with numerical results / figures, and a conclusion. Five key–words should be provided in French and in English.

  5. The text should be typed double–spaced on one side of A4 format paper with 3–cm margins. Pages should be numbered in the top right corner.

  6. Tables and figures should be scarce, concise, and self–explanatory. They should be provided on separate pages, one per page. The tables should be typed double–spaced with a complete title, no vertical lines, and numbered in the order of appearance in the text with Roman numerals. Figures should be used only when necessary for more clarity. All figures should have detailed legends typed together on a separate page. The figures should be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals.

  7. References should be listed and numbered consecutively. They should appear throughout the text in square brackets. They should follow the Vancouver style:

    • Reference of an article in a periodical – If authors are six or less, list all authors. If they are seven or more, list only six authors then “et al.”. The last names of the authors should be followed by the initials of their first names, in capitals, without separations or punctuation marks. Consecutive author names should be separated by a comma, the last one followed by a period. The title of the article should be followed by a period. The name of the periodical should be abbreviated according to Index Medicus followed by a space, the year of publication, a semi–colon, the volume number, a colon, then the first and the last page numbers separated by a dash.

      Ex: Weinstein MC, Stason WB. Foundations of cost–effectiveness analysis for health and medical practices. N Engl J Med 1977;296:716–21.

    • References of an article in a book – List in the following order: the name of the author(s), the title of the article then the title of the book in italics separated by “In:”, the edition order (when not first edited), the place and the publisher separated by a colon, the year of publication, the first and the last page numbers or the total number of pages.

      Ex: Huguier M, Maisonneuve H, Benhamou C, et al. Les références. Dans : La rédaction médicale. De la thèse à l′article original. Paris : Doin éditeurs. 1992:105-18.

  8. The acknowledgements should be typed on a separate page and include the financial support of the work.

2/ All PowerPoint presentations will be standardized once received. The first slide will include the presentation′s title, the author′s name, titles and his related institution; the last one will be used for bibliographical references (if needed).

PDF: Call for Papers HMID – III

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